All girders, roof trusses, rafters and inter,ediate girders from the same manufacturer

Roof trusses and rafters

Top quality certified roof trusses with fast delivery. Moduland produces high quality roof trusses, which are verified by a CE certificate.

Ceiling beams

Moduland produces POSI-JOIST combined wooden and metal beams based on globally renowned MiTek technology by using metal elements and nail plates.

Passive houses wall frames

Be smart and build cheaply. We have developed house frame components that already meet higher A-class energy saving requirements.

Formwork and shingles

We build tailor-made formwork or shingles for your concrete structures. We also produce civil engineering formwork for road and railway bridges.

Why choose our products

What we value


Every element, module, detail and construction designed and manufactured by us has been thought through, carefully manufactured and subsequently inspected to ensure the best result. All production is made in a factory, where the builder has a better working environment than on site and the result is cleaner and of higher quality. Our team consists of motivated specialists who have received thorough training.


We have invested in innovation. We use an automatic saw line with a cutting accuracy of one millimeter. We use three press lines, which are unique in Estonia. Production takes place on a press table, with which we achieve significant efficiency. We use a laser system that displays the finished product on the production table. Using laser technology, we achieve maximum quality. This system is unique in the whole Baltics.

Cost - effectiveness

Factory-produced trusses and suspended ceiling beams are specially designed taking into account the effective loads of your building (dead load, live load, wind, snow) and dimensioned accordingly. This consumes less material than on-site construction. The installation time of factory-finished products is multiple times shorter compared to on-site construction. By using factory-made products, you save both material and money.


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