Roof trusses and rafters

Moduland Building OÜ manufactures wooden nail plate frames according to the CE standard

Classic roof trusses

Roof trusses and rafters

The frames are tailor-made for each client, to a maximum length of 30 m. The frames are designed by using the special RoofCon/TrussCon software for designing frames and Posi-Joist beams. We have our own designers – always present in the factory office – who are there to oversee production and help clients. The designers are on hand to take on challenges in solving the most complicated roof structures. The nail plate frames made in the factory allow for fast and inexpensive roof fitting. The frames are made by using only dried, square edge and strength-sorted C24 coniferous timber. We use (MiTek) nail plates for connections. The frames are made with the help of special nail plate pressed in a dry room. The frames are connected with each other with special tape and come in packages.

Why choose frames and structures with nail plates?

The nail plate frames can be used in the construction of roofs, ceilings and floors!
  1. The frames are designed by a well-known designer with the help of special software. Therefore, it is possible to provide practical and flexible solutions for different roof structures. The software considers all load-bearing scenarios: snow, roof cover, insulation, ceiling structure, etc.
  2. The frames are made by using recognised industrial methods and equipment.
  3. Up to 30% of savings can be achieved on materials when compared to constructing a standard roof.
  4. The fast and easy assembly and installation of roof frames is very fast compared to the construction of a roof structure on site.
  5. Minimum labour qualifications required. Fast assembly and low labour expenses help reduce the construction budget.
  6. No special equipment is required for the works. As a rule, the truck transporting the frames also has a crane, which enables the frames to be hoisted at a time or one by one onto the wall.
  7. The construction and installation works are clean.
  8. It is easy to install electrical wires, ventilation, sewerage, heating and water tubes into the inserted ceilings.
  9. The considerable saving in time and cost of works as well as the setting of used wood is considerably lower. Much greater strength and lower material costs are achieved on roofs designed of frames that support and balance each other.
More detailed information on the handling and installation of frames is provided in INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE HANDLING AND INSTALLATION OF FRAMES Moduland Buildings OÜ.

For additional information about roof trusses and rafters, please contact Moduland Building OÜ here.

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