Wooden house wall frames

Wooden house wall frames

Moduland Building OÜ offers timber wall frames according to your desired structure based on Pre-cut technology. This means that the factory produces timber parts for the wall frame of the building and the builder only has to assemble the load-bearing frame of the building from the details on the site. There is no need to design, measure and cut assemblies on site.

Our engineers dimension and draw the entire building frame with its assemblies. All You have to do is assemble the frame of the building on the construction site. The time spent figuring out the nodes and cutting the elements of the wall frame is saved. As the project is optimally dimensioned by the engineers and there is no leftover timber in the products coming from the factory, the customer also saves on material.

In conclusion, by choosing a building frame with factory-produced wall details using Pre-cut technology, the customer avoids mistakes and saves both time and money.

By ordering Your framed walls  from us, the project is free of charge.

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